Does my data belong to me?

The question who owns which data is a very critical question. Generally speaking, I would say, that everyone owns their own data. As long as someone does not agree to a contract that lets other people, websites or companies use your data. But they can only use and own your data in ways that the person which data it is agreed to. Companies can make a lot of money by selling your data to other companies. We have to be very careful what websites we trust and which we do not. Some of those websites use our data against our will. Furthermore when we as customers think we can set up an account for free it actually always does cost something. It costs us our data and privacy. People should not be robbed of our data because this is still our property, even though we can not touch it. Companies and Websites should at least make their users and costumers aware, that they are taking their data. They should highlight this fact and not try to hide it in their Terms of Service. Data Ownership has changed and evolved a lot in the last few years. A few centuries ago, there was no such thing as people, companies or websites stealing data from individuals. Everyone knew who they are and they could decide on their own if they want to tell other or make it public. Now, in the New Age, we have the Internet. It spreads Information way faster. This can be beneficial but also negative. People get information a lot faster, but also companies can spread your information faster and use it for their own good. In my opinion, it is not right to steal our data or publish it elsewhere. it is an invasion on each individuals privacy. And if websites want to use our data they should make it obvious to the user.

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